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The Charlotte is Creative Podcast

Jun 29, 2022

Mattie Marshall is a Charlottean. Like so many in Charlotte, she wasn’t born here. But, she’s made it her home. 

While she’s lived in several neighborhoods since moving here, it’s the historic Washington Heights community - one of Charlotte’s original Black suburbs, named after Booker T. Washington. For more than 30 years, Ms. Marshall has been the president of the Historic Washington Heights Neighborhood Association. 

As she says, she may have come for the tree-lined streets, but she stayed for the history of the community. She remained to walk in the steps of its founders, the Civil Rights leaders who lived here before her and the neighbors past and present who sit on their front porch swings welcoming all. She stayed because  Washington Heights is a home whose legacy and future are worth protecting.

In this episode of “The World Should Know …” a special podcast series developed by Charlotte Is Creative in partnership with Tom Hanchett and Winston Robinson and sponsored by the North Carolina Humanities Council - Tim Miner interviews Ms. Mattie Marshall.

Enjoy the conversation. Remember the story. Share it with someone else.