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The Charlotte is Creative Podcast

Aug 14, 2017

Welcome to the #CharlotteIsCreative podcast. Today’s show features hosts Tim Miner and Matt Olin talking with Mark Williams of the Shakespeare in a Chair project, immediately following the August 4 Creative Mornings Charlotte event at Warehouse 242.

Mark Williams founded Shakespeare in a Chair as a way to expose kids to the timeless literature of Shakespeare using the familiar setting of the barbershop. After a career with Court TV and Charlotte Center City Partners, Mark wanted to use Shakespeare as a way to empower children with language and storytelling, and he illustrated that by bringing several kids from the program up to speak at his Creative Mornings presentation.

Remember to RSVP to the next Creative Mornings Charlotte event Friday, September 8 at Warehouse 242, and featuring photographer Nelson morales as the speaker on the global theme of “Compassion”. Register for this free event by visiting at 9am, Monday, September 1.