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The Charlotte is Creative Podcast

Nov 13, 2017

Welcome to the #CharlotteIsCreative podcast. Today’s show features hosts Tim Miner and Matt Olin speaking with Mark Peres, leadership professor at Johnson & Wales University, and host of the podcast On Life and Meaning, immediately following the November 3 Creative Mornings Charlotte event at Warehouse 242, where Mark spoke about the global theme of “death”.

Many years ago, Mark worked as as Judicial Law Clerk for the US Court of Appeals in the 11th Circuit. While he had spent many years in law school preparing for his role, he eventually had a moment of clarity about how he wanted to spend the rest of his life. His calling, he decided, was the be a life-long learner and student, a person always in pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

It was soon after this that Mark founded Charlotte Viewpoint, an early pioneer of the local online city life and culture publication that many contemporary websites owe their roots to. Today, Mark teaches the next generation of creatives to become leaders and independent thinkers themselves at Johnson & Wales University. He also hosts the podcast On Life and Meaning, a show where he interviews some of the best and brightest minds in the city about their life’s purpose, and the meaning that can be taken from that.

In this edition of the #CharlotteIsCreative podcast, Mark talks about how he realized what is was he wanted to do with his life, the motivations of knowing that we have limited time on this planet, and how he hopes to use his podcast as a way to spread that knowledge.

Remember to RSVP to the next Creative Mornings Charlotte event Friday, December 1 at Warehouse 242, when Latin Americans Working for Achievement Executive Director Violeta Moser will be speak on the global theme of “Context.” Register for this free event by visiting at 9am, Monday, November 27.

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