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The Charlotte is Creative Podcast

Dec 5, 2019

Four and a half years ago, Matt Olin and Tim Miner sent email invites out for a first-time gathering of creatives at Laca Projects in Wesley Heights. With the goal of attracting 40-50 people, it quickly became clear that they were on to something when the event sold out. And then sold out the next week. And the next week, the week after that and so on. 

Tomorrow morning at Black Hawk Hardware in Park Road Shopping Center, Matt and Tim will host the 50th meeting of Creative Mornings Charlotte.

In today's episode of the Biscuit CLT Podcast, producer Andy Goh talks to Matt and Tim about the first 50 CMCLT events. Hear them talk about how the event got started, the role the venues play, their favorite memories and much more.

Give us a call or text at 704.835.0193 and leave us a :30 second message with your favorite Creative Mornings memory. We'll use the best messages in next week's episode of the podcast.