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The Charlotte is Creative Podcast

Jan 2, 2020

Considering the closure of local music venue staples such as Tremont Music Hall, the Double Door Inn, The Chop Shop among others, the mere act of opening a music venue in the heart of Uptown can almost be seen as an act of defiance. A bold gesture in the face of trends, indeed, one that only proves to be even more courageous when the venue in question is dedicated to jazz.

In today's episode of The Biscuit CLT Podcast, producer Andy Goh talks to Middle C co-owner Adam Farber. Adam founded Middle C with his father, Larry, after seeing the need for high-level live jazz. Adam talks about the space, and how it was inspired by great jazz clubs around the country, opening a live music venue at a time when so many are closing, what kind of music you can expect to hear at Middle C and much more.