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The Biscuit CLT Podcast

Sep 12, 2019

In the latest segment of Creative Mornings Rewind, Matt Olin talks to Rosalia Torres Weiner in her mobile art truck. Inspired by the food truck craze, Rosalia uses her truck the same way, but with art instead of food. Rosalia talks about the truck, her art as activism, the Magic Kite, and her expanding mural footprint in the city.

Next, Tim Miner sits down with Meredith Dean of The Dean's List, Seacrest Studios Coordinator at Levine Children's Hospital, and EmpowerCon. Tim talks to Meredith about what Charlotte means to her, her work at Levine, and why you shouldn't miss the first EmpowerCon September 28 at the Charlotte Convention Center.

Finally, we round out the show with three quick segments: another fiery Mogul Moment from Nikki Eason, a simple question posed to Creative Mornings attendees, and the debut of our Queen City Quiz Show segment where you can win a coffee date with Matt and Tim (no, seriously)!

Rosalia Torres Weiner: 4:30

Meredith Dean: 32:00

Nikki Eason: 44:55

Who Inspires You? 47:26

Queen City Quiz Show: 49:20

The Biscuit Podcast is produced by Tim Miner, Matt Olin and Andy Goh. Music by Harvey Cummings.


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