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The Biscuit CLT Podcast

Jun 19, 2019

This past weekend, Camp North End hosted the second annual Durag Festival, organized and hosted by BLKMRKT CLT, Dupp and Swatt and local artist Dammit Wesely. The event drew more than 2,000 attendees, all celebrating black culture and heritage.

In the first segment of today’s Biscuit podcast, we talk to Dammit Wesely about what the Durag Festival means to him. We also go on location to hear some of the sound from the event and talk to attendees and local artists such as Alvin C. Jacobs and Lo’Vonia Parks.

Stick around however, because we’ve also got an interview with Next Stage Consulting leader and non-profit wizard Josh Jacobson, recorded live at Coco and the Director. Josh talks about where his experiences have taken him, what he sees as the future of non-profits in Charlotte, and how he hopes Next Stage can be part of the solution.

The Biscuit Podcast is produced by Tim Miner, Matt Olin and Andy Goh. Music by Harvey Cummings.