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The Biscuit CLT Podcast

Jul 24, 2019

Just a few weeks ago, DigiBridge founder and CEO David Jessup announced that he was stepping down from his position to go to law school. I was able to catch up with David at the DigiBridge headquarters to talk a little bit about his decision. You’ll hear David talk about what made him want to go back to school, whether or not he plans to return to Charlotte, and if he feels satisfied with the work he’s done at DigiBridge.

Around that same time, DOMii was taking home the crown at the CLT DJ Battle held at Camp North End’s Dupp and Swatt. DOMii rock a packed house with a mix of house, world and hip hop beats that you may have heard if you listened to last week’s episode of the Biscuit podcast. DOMii spoke to me about how she prepared for that set, how she fell in love with DJing, and what separates the good from the best.

The Biscuit Podcast is produced by Tim Miner, Matt Olin and Andy Goh. Music by Harvey Cummings.


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