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The Biscuit CLT Podcast

Jun 12, 2019

Many people in Charlotte see the creative energy that bounces back and forth from Creative Mornings hosts and Biscuit co-founders Matt Olin and Tim Miner. That kind of chemistry is something that takes a lot of time, work and a little luck to develop, and we believe that is something to be celebrated. That’s why we’re calling this segment Creative Besties. On each Creative Besties segment, we’ll profile a pair of creators whose collaborations enhance each person and their work as a whole.

Up first on Creative Besties is Sydney Duarte and Andrea Orr. Sydney is a yoga instructor at NoDa Yoga and a social ambassador. Andrea is a branding and marketing consultant, and the founder of Level Up CLT.

On this segment of Creative Besties, Tim Miner and myself talk to Andrea and Sydney about moving to Charlotte, finding your voice here, and what their hopes are for the next five years.

The Biscuit Podcast is produced by Tim Miner, Matt Olin and Andy Goh. Music by Harvey Cummings.