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The Biscuit CLT Podcast

Mar 12, 2020

It's hard to find someone who is more fiercely proud of being a native Charlottean than Winston Robinson. So much so, that Robinson's nickname of "Wilmo" is inspired by his native neighborhood of Wilmore. That, combined with the work that he's doing as former president of the Lockwood Neighborhood Association, through A Vibe Called Fresh, an annual food and music festival open to all residents, as well as founding an LLC, The Applesauce Group, to support it all.

In today's episode of the The Biscuit CLT Podcast - CMCLT Rewind, hosts Tim Miner and Matt Olin talk to Winston immediately following his talk at the March Creative Mornings event at Divine Barrel Brewing. Tune in now to hear Winston speak about what being a native Charlottean means to him, what he wanted to convey when speaking about codeswitching in his CMCLT speech, and his thoughts on the current state of The Excelsior Club.